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  The Radnor Board of Commissioners has again granted a requested transfer of additional liquor licenses into Radnor Township, this time two applications for a single retail pad, in open disregard for the requirement to assist and defend Radnor residents in regard to growing detriment to quality of life and safety in mobility. 

  Help oppose this transfer and future liquor license transfers into Radnor.

  Radnor citizens' safety, well-being, and comfort stands to be severely affected with each additional license, because we have an inordinate number of the liquor licenses allotted for Delaware County, with the corresponding level of high blood alcohol content regularly present on our roads, and because we have a high number of liquor licenses geared towards access off of an interstate highway, causing a high "stranger" ratio in our community, among numerous other reasons.

  The location for both of the proposed transfers is on busy Radnor-Chester Road, directly across from Radnor High School, in the congested, and speeder-prone, Matson Ford/King of Prussia Road district.

  Any and all citizens, who live in and/or travel Saint Davids-Radnor roads and sidewalks, who will be affected by, or offended by, the traffic and safety implications, and the hazards to school children (including those at the Elementary School) and pedestrian safety, or by the additonal thousands of drivers with elevated alcohol levels, driving on our roads, the majority of them strangers, and citizens who are alarmed about the lack of new and imaginative  retail and service businesses in Radnor, should become educated about the facts, alert their neighbors and friends, get active, and sign the petition we have posted.  

    The traditional existence of a knit community here is being increasingly foregone, and markedly so, each time a new liquor license is approved by our elected officials.   Scratch the surface and one can readily evaluate the incremental debilitation to our comfort,  safety, and property values, and the impediments to our quality of daily life, caused by direct effects of this phenomena, such as listed on this website. Pennsylvania laws emphasize the needs of the community, especially safety, comfort, the environment, and morals, over the wants of the retail sector for new liquor licenses, especially when a township holds a high number of licenses. 

   This is why the Radnor Board of Commissioners was required to hold a hearing for each of the two new transfers that are sought.  The hearings however, were marred by the Board’s open prevention of witnesses' right to be heard, and open bias towards the applicant, and a vote in favor of what is a seriously compromising proposal.

   Please visit the petition page to see the lengthy list of reasons why this location and this township are inappropriate for any more liquor licenses.

    In addition to signing the petition, we encourage you to call, email, and fax your local and state representatives, and business, scholastic, and community groups, and also, please send us news and input, and participate in any way you feel appropriate.  Our action page will be up shortly.


¤   Please tell your friends and neighbors about this effort    ¤

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